Wales Bonner FW19 “Mumbo Jumbo”

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Informed by broad research encompassing critical theory, musical composition, literature and history, WALES BONNER embraces a multiplicity of perspectives, proposing a distinct notion of luxury, via a hybrid of European and Afro-Atlantic approaches.

Mumbo Jumbo takes its title from Ishmael Reed’s seminal 1972 novel. The collection considers the role of writers as oracles, connecting to a rich and magical lineage, serving as the custodians of ancestral wisdom passed down and reinterpreted. Words are collaged and transformed, becoming spells woven in cloth… Conjure… Revelations… A new language is manifested. Ancestral rites and rituals bring dress to life.

The Autumn Winter 2019 show is presented within Grace Wales Bonner’s exhibition – A Time for New Dreams at the Serpentine Galleries on view. The exhibition provides a meditative space for reflection on mysticism, ritual and magic manifesting in aesthetic practice and traditions across the Black Atlantic.