The Last Movie Poster Artist | Yan Jhen Fa

Necessity Sense is the in-house label of Ne.Sense, aiming to impact beyond garments by storytelling an unique perspective on unspoken cultural issues

Bringing history into garments. Yan Jhen Fa, the last movie poster artist in Formosa, was never taught how to paint. He learned on his own due to the necessity of living and keeping his job.

Artists weren’t respected during his era. We want to use this opportunity for him to redo his first official painting back in 1972 and to let him relive those 45+ years of memories of using drawing to survive. He told us that it brought him to tears by redoing this. Our hearts were fulfilled when we heard that and that is the spirit of Necessity Sense.

Tom Chang’s dream was to become a movie director. However, he didn’t have the opportunity to fulfill it because he was occupied as a singer to fulfill his sister’s dream, who tragically passed away at a young age. We want to tribute to Tom by associating him with the movie scene during his era.


Necessity Sense x Yan Jhen Fa 1972 Edition

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