Talks Radio EP.01 YOGA LIN

Interview series from people and brands who inspire us

This time, due to the promotion of the online concert, we specially created a set of Editorials for Yoga Lin. Continuing the name of the concert “XIANG YU YI YANG” as the main visual axis, trying to show Yoga’s mood like a fish, swimming among the notes of flowing water and clouds.

We took this opportunity to sit down with Yoga Lin and talk about music, fashion and the meaning behind “XIANG YU YI YANG”.

How to start your day: Americano or Latte?

I will look at what needs to be done that day. Assuming it is the cold weather today, I would like to drink a cup of hot Americano that I think is the best in Taipei City at this moment. I like coffee very much, and I have taken my barista friends to find good coffee.

In what context was the concept of ‘XIANG YU YI YANG’ (“like a fish”) created? Besides, apart from the collaboration with Sakamoto Ryuichi, who else would you like to collaborate with in future concerts or musical works?

XIANG YU YI YANG is like a gift to me. In the past two years, I have encountered some challenges, including work and family. At the same time, I also encountered disasters such as the pandemic, which affected everyone. The core concept that the four words XIANG YU YI YANG want to convey is “Although you are like a fish, you must be like a fish.” Because of the pandemic and changes in the world, we are all trapped, as if we are trapped in a small fish tank, but we hope that we can be like fish. Fish are very easy to swim and have many good symbols. So I think it is a gift. This gift is very special. I originally felt that I was trapped, and even unknowingly, when I got used to that feeling and forgot that I was trapped, I suddenly found that I got it in my hand. A gift, I think this process is very precious.

In music, there are people who still want to collaborate with, and they are also in progress. I hope everyone can look forward to it with me.

How do you feel about the image of this shooting?

What I felt most strongly in my impression was the elaboration. When I was shooting that day, all the clothes I wore on my body seemed to fit in the same size as my usual clothes, and I felt that I was prepared with great care. I think what is indispensable behind a brand that looks very textured is hard work, which is reflected in such small details.

I am very grateful to NE.SENSE and the brand director Michael. NE.SENSE has always been a brand partner who wants to cooperate in my mind. I am very happy that I finally have the opportunity this time. I was also impressed that when I wore the pajamas that was one of the merch items that day.. In addition to its excellent texture, NE.SENSE helped me match a red long coat, which really made me enjoy the moment.

What’s the opportunity to let you into fashion?

Take me as an example today. When I went out today, I wore a purple cap with dark blue long sleeves tee and wide jeans, paired with a black sneakers and a distressed white bag. It seems casual and like a person on the street, but when I was driving, I heard a slow song, a sad folk song, and the sound of pipe music was heard in the melody. At that moment, I felt everything was right. Everything blends together well. It seems difficult to explain the clothing or music style that I particularly like, but I enjoy it when I suddenly realize it.

If you want to talk about gender breaking, although my usual dress did not deliberately advance towards this goal, I will remember that when the Golden Melody Awards were presented last time, I wore a translucent black shirt. I saw a comment on the Internet that wrote : “Translucent elements are not something every male star can wear.” Perhaps this is another aspect of the show!

How do you feel about NE.SENSE? What designer brands do you like in the selection of NE.SENSE?

NE.SENSE has always given me a sense of care, and greatness. If you want to choose a brand in the selection, I will choose NAMESAKE. Michael told me that this word means in the name of the father. The meaning of this brand is related to father, three brothers, inheritance, and continuation of dreams. All of these make me feel that the brand story is very touching. In addition, I am really easily attracted to fashions with sports elements, so I am very impressed with NAMESAKE.

What forces drive you to create music, and what feedback do you want to hear from the audience?

The clipboard in my room reads a passage like “Put some beautiful moments into this album!” I am making the moments I think are the best and can be heard by millions of people.” I think this is very suitable to answer this question.

I hope that after my music is made, it will become an echo that travels through time and space. This is a beautiful imagination for me. Maybe the music I’m making now will sing to me loudly from the people who listen to my music, or sing to me softly, then it will be very romantic. So that it really becomes an echo that travels through time, I hope this beautiful imagination will happen.

Recommend your movie list or podcast?

I would recommend “My Neighbor Totoro”, which is a movie I watched when I was really a kid. When I was a kid, I would sing Totoro songs. Recently, it also appeared on Netflix, so children will also see it. Recently, my kid will also learn to sing Totoro songs. I think this is a beautiful one that spans time and space’s Echo.

What is indispensable to you throughout the day?


You have a lot of classic works. Will your current creation process refer to your previous music works?

This is indeed something that I will be a little aware of when I make music, but I must say that I have done a good job like “兜圈”. At the time, I was not sure that it would look like this. Have you spent a lot of time and energy to control it? Yes, but it did derive into a different but harmonious and great state. So there is actually a lot of magic in this. To this day, I have encountered some problems and would like to say, what would happen if I used the feeling of “兜圈” to solve it? In fact, sometimes I still think this way. Of course, I said “兜圈” is just an example, but my experience will tell me that even if I go in this direction with confidence, it is just a direction, so the conclusion is, Go with confidence! that’s all!

You used to be a music show instructor, inspiring new generations of music creation. What do you expect the new generation to get from your music?

While reading this question, I suddenly thought that I was wearing a green shirt in an episode of “聲林之王”, and that shirt was also from NE.SENSE. At that time, there was a Moment who was watching my singing students, sending out “WOW” expressions and compliments. When I saw that picture, I actually felt very inspired and affirmed. So I think inspiration is a two-way street, whether it’s just an affirmation and power, or a far-reaching idea. I am a very focused person. I think the point of concentration and concentration is something I want to share with everyone. If they can do it when they need to focus, it would be great.