Summer Camp Collar Shirts

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Taiwan experienced the hot summer in June. Year after year of dressing and matching, except for T-shirts and shorts, this kind of dressing inevitably makes people feel bored.

However, in recent years, many fashion brands have launched a specific product called “Camp Collar” Shirts, and they have sprung up in the fashion scene.

Most of the Camp Collar Shirt materials are made of silk, artificial silk, or pure cotton. It can keep the wear cool and comfortable in the hot summer, plus the soft touch, luster and excellent toughness are going to let us always feel upscale in any ways. In addition, Camp Collar is characterized by the neckline, which is usually designed as a V-neck, and the neckline is slightly turned out. Therefore, the problem of sultry and airtight buttoning on the first button of the shirt is solved. The tailoring from the clothes to the collar is one-piece, the overall is loose and comfortable, and it shows a slight eversion, making the upper body to the neck look more slender and stylish.

Cuban shirts were popular in the 1950s and were considered too old school items at the time! It is quite popular in Mexico and Cuba. However, in 2010 the Cuban government officially adopted this shirt as a formal dress for diplomatic activities.

In addition, it has been frequently patronizing the runway shows since 2014. Nowadays, Camp Collar Shirt is not only returning to the pinnacle of fashion and becoming a favorite of everyone, but also becoming more and more people’s summer essential.

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