SS16 Styling Series – Construct

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“Fashion is architecture; it is a matter of proportions”, designer Coco Chanel once said and can’t be agreed more nowadays. Like architecture, fashion is an art dealing with structure and shape, one that relates to the form and function of the human body. The relationship between fashion and architecture is both functional and aesthetic. Titled “Construct”, this style series is covered with tailored silhouettes and with snaps of our forthcoming office that is currently under construction. We believe there’s a strong intertwined tie with constructed buildings and garments. Architects create buildings that would sparkle in one landscape andmake people feel good, welcomed, and connected in one space. Similarly, fashion designers make clothes to give confidence and glamor for people to feel like they can conquer the world and be whoever they want to be. Providing both comfort and pleasure under construction and structure, is what architecture and fashion has in common.

The garments used here are Rober Geller Navy Cardigan Shirt, CMMN SWDN White Shirt, Damir Doma Olive Cropped Jacket, Song For The Mute Charcoal Bomber, Komakino Over Sized Patch Black / Yellow Tee, Harmony Navy Bomber, CMMN SWDN Brown Sleeveless Vest, and CMMN SWDN Brown Sleeveless Shirt.

In paring of these, we have used pieces like Agi&Sam Weave Stripes Wide Trouser, Damir Doma Olive Cropped Jacket, Song For The Mute Baggy Jeans, CMMN SWDN Navy Trouser, and Rambout Slip On.

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