Second Year Anniversary Art Installation – Second Thought

Recaps of our stores and anniversary events

A glimpse of the process in building our 2nd year anniversary art installation titled “SECOND THOUGHT.” Our sweats and dedication in involving in all process is just our way to show appreciation towards everyone that has supported us for the past two years. Thank you. Let’s continue and smile together through many years to come.

Live in fear / Live in comfort
Towering buildings, prosperous view, cars shuttling from one to another – the appearance of big city. Graffiti and buskers surrounding in LA, trees leaning on the blue sky and the shadows of leaves shining on the floors… all the beautiful scenes reflecting the real side of the city.

Write a letter to yourself – always reminding your imperfection.
Through constant reflecting, we will eventually become a better person and closer to perfect.

Yell Now
“YELLNOW” takes inspiration from the 1850s Gold Rush — a period where Chinese laborers were brought to California strictly to work. This group of people, separated from family and culture had to fight for their identity. The collection pays homage to this through Eastern influenced silhouettes with unique pleats, intricate hand embroideries and juxtaposing color palettes that combines the contrasted luxury and poverty of that era.

Seven Seconds
“SEVEN SECONDS OF MEMORY” is inspired by two irrelevant stories that organically come into one mean. First is designer’s family business in the fishing industry and second is a true story of a man named Clive Wearing. Fish only has the capacity for 7 seconds of memory. Similarly, Clive Wearing suffers from retrograde amnesia, which rejects the forming of any new memories or the ability to recall past experiences. In other words, he has no judgement nor predetermined impression on others. Every time he sees his wife or best friends – he thinks its the first time he sees them in years. Purely thrilled and pleased.

This unrelated association of two stories leads us to realize that every culture or race has a stereotype towards others, especially to societies that are most scrutinized in media. The collection attempts to advocate the idea of striving to discover the Clive’s in ourselves; to maintain an unbiased mind towards race, culture, and identity that are different from our own. Prevailed by the traditional fashion in scrutinized subcultural societies, “SSOM” forecasts a trend in darker color palettes and striped patterns. A combination of oversized interior presenting the free-minded wearer and the cropped exterior silhouette presenting the societal restrictions.

Ne.Sense x 424
Best known as combining typical American street fashion and hip-hop culture, 424 uses “anti-government / anti-authority” design elements to manifest their free spirit. Teamed up with Ne.Sense for anniversary capsule, featuring Ne.Sense iconic graphic ‘tree’ (represented dream) and 424 logo throughout the collection. Two nations are chained together. Passion is like the burning fire while melting ice representing the sweat. Through hard-working and passion, we are one more step closer to dreams.

Living in A Lie
Armored concrete and tile scatter in the site, delivering a sense of unsafety – messy environment mirrors the true lifestyle of Los Angeles. Life is like an endless journey and we are all speeding on the road with dreams. Reality, confusion, and judgements all keep striking us. Nevertheless, we don’t stop for the noises. In contrast, the experience of exploration becomes our nutrients to growing up. Through patient and relentless hard work, all sufferings have their rewards. At the end of the journey, we find our own greatness and make dreams come true.

Cycle of Life
It is always not easy for a new life to born. For example, a seed. At the beginning of life, it has to escape from the pillage of rats and birds, to find a fertile land with plenty rain. With abundant sunshine given by God, it eventually becomes a member of the forest after hundreds of years. Likewise, dreams. At the moment it has been seeded in mind, we explore, fight, struggle and reborn. On the way achieving it, we either find or lose ourselves in this endless cycling. However, do not ever forget the first dream – the purest, the most real self.

Blood Diamonds
The sparkliest light in the mantle is the most attractive. Blood and sweat moistens the belief during the tough journey. Success is like a resplendent crystal, while it is hard to reach. People frequently being catched by the sparks, they buried the pains because of short sights.

Beverly Hells
Dream is like the bustling view of Beverly Village – the end where people looking forward to. However, we usually struggle for the challenges and bottlenecks in society and life. Here we use “Hells” as the homophone for “Hills” to reinforce the dark side of humanity. We get lost between truth and lies, realism and idealism. We forgot the intention, let the arrogance and hypocrisy engulf our soul. Is reality a destroyer? It shows its boldness in front of us, meanwhile, it evokes our motivation of resolution. Reality is a hell, it is also the paradise.

Iron Heart
Gaps exist in people’s heart. Misfortune and harm left the scars. As time goes, the past make us stronger. In contrast, noisy city life paralyzes our mind – people become selfish and indifference, Twisted minds generate crimes and drugs issue in our society. The video of disasters is playing through behind the crack on the wall, the visual impact reflects our inner plane. After all the disasters, the iron heart remains. The art piece gives each visitor a space to project their own story and imagination.

Poverty sits below the glitz and glamour
In flourishing Los Angeles, the homeless is wandering everywhere – different colors and kinds of tents, ragged clothes and scattered stuff. There are two sides of questions. The contrast between rich and poor, noble and humble, showing the deformity behind the desire.