Necessity Sense “Point One” Drop 1 Portraits

Necessity Sense is the in-house label of Ne.Sense, aiming to impact beyond garments by storytelling an unique perspective on unspoken cultural issues

We have recently teamed up with Los Angeles based photographer, Marilyn Hue, for a portrait shoot of the Point One Collection with the focus on the garments that are dropping on 12.08.15. The editorial is shot against a variety of harsh backgrounds in a blurred tone, so the focus can be mainly on the layering and details up-close.

The featured garments here that will be released on 12.08.15 are the following : Relaxed Stonewash Indigo Denim Raw Tank, Static Grey Zip Knit Turtleneck, Whisper Tan “No Free Lunch” Punti Tee, Pebble Grey Reverse French Terry Tee, Muddy Grey Open Collar Mandarin Shirt, Lions Tan Open Collar Mandarin Shirt, Nightfall Navy Cashmere Wool Open Cardigan, Lions Tan Raw Split Bball Long Shorts.

With these pieces, we have focused on minor changes that make a big difference for everyday purposes. Instead of creating a normal high turtleneck that often makes people uncomfortable and unwilling to test the silhouette, we have decided to create a half length turtleneck, which stands in between a mockneck and a turtleneck. This subtle change allows the piece to add interesting layer, but not overpowering the overrall aesthetics. For our mandarin shirt, instead of creating a normal button down, we have pulled inspiration from Taiwanese agriculture and monitor how farmers wear their uniforms. They often unbutton the top few buttons leaving an overlapping illusion at front with neck opening laying on the sides of their necks. In this case, we have decided to interpret how they wear it in our own way and elevated the pieces with Italian Cotton, boxy fit, and exaggerated front overlap with tight neck opening panel. For our punti tee, we went with a two piece construction for a minimal look that requires no shoulder seam. We replace a normal neck rib with a simple stitch line and added a lockable riri zipper to allow easier access and to lay completely flat so it won’t irritate when you wear a jacket over it. The punti tee is finished off with our signature hem shape with a subtle scoop up in the front and scoop down in the back, so it stands out just a little more from a basic tee. All these subtle changes are conscious decisions that our team have made to create the best wearing experience for our customers.

All pieces are either made in USA or slowly crafted in-house in our studio.

Stay tuned for the drop on 12.08.15. Thank you. 

Photography : Marilyn Hue / Styling & Direction : Steve F. Hsieh