Necessity Sense “Point One” Concept Video

Necessity Sense is the in-house label of Ne.Sense, aiming to impact beyond garments by storytelling an unique perspective on unspoken cultural issues

Since this collection is inspired to express our idea of home, we have really dug down to explore what home really means to us. We found out that home can simply represented by “No Free Lunch,” the quote our mom engraved on our minds since childhood.

Using “No Free Lunch” as a drive, the collection seeks to bridge the duality between purity in devoted workmanship that our mom taught us and corruption within modernization that
is disturbing the idea to achieve at it’s purest form. The beauty in these two clashing concepts is what we really want to brought out through this video.

This video represents that purity within everyone can never long-last, but we should forever dedicate to where we start and remember the purpose that drives us in life. Nothing in life is ever free, everything given is a product of labor.

Full Set Created by Ne.Sense Team / Video shot & edited by Hank Wang