NE.SENSE Store Manager Sam

Interview series from people and brands who inspire us

Briefly Introduce Yourself

Hey, I’m Sam. I’m the store manager at NE.SENSE. Feel free to come to NE.SENSE and discuss your favorite brands, style, and music.

Job Description at NE.SENSE?

My job responsibilities as store manager involve managing almost everything that happens in-store, which includes: organizing display items, building and maintaining relationships with customers, keeping sales records and so on. I also manage the NE.SENSE online shop and main site.

Towards the end of last year, we launched NE.SENSE soundtrack, a carefully curated playlist where we share the music that our team is listening to. If you like the music you hear in-store, you can subscribe to our Spotify Playlist’s which are periodically updated: Subscribe

How Do You Stay Up To Date With Fashion News And Trends?

Apart from observing the brands NE.SENSE carries, I often look at other select shops from abroad, platforms such as SSENSE, Totokaelo, VooStore and so on. On top of that, during fashion week every season, I watch all runway shows through Vogue Runway. Fashion is simultaneously a hobby and my work, so I like to be constantly refreshing my style.

Working In The Fashion Industry As You Do, Do You Place Much Importance On Styling In Everyday Life?

Of course I do, it’s a part of my life, and it’s also one of the main reasons I chose to pursue a career in fashion.

Are There Any Particular Styling Habits You Have When Putting Together An Outfit?

I usually begin by selecting the colors, first I pick the color of the pants, after which I choose the top. Then I consider the ratios, cropped, straight, or wide leg trousers, and what length and style of top goes best together with the trousers. Personally I like the feeling of wearing a suit, during autumn and winter I often wear suits, but I prefer to mix things up by throwing in other less conventional styles. Follow our (NE.SENSE) Instagram/ Facebook to find styling inspiration.

What Are Your Hobbies Outside Of Work?

I’m really into music, and I recently purchased a DJ Mixer which I’m teaching myself to DJ with.

Favorite Brands?

I like Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, Wales Bonner. And obviously Necessity Sense.

Do You Have Any Celebrities Or Fashion Icons That Inspire You?

Mauri Cionardi (Stylist for Dior Homme, Gucci, Jil Sander…). NE.SENSE Stylist Michael Hsieh. And Tom Guinness (Stylist for Wales Bonner, Stussy…)

What Would You Wear If You Were To Take Part In Fashion Week?

I would wear Necessity Sense, as I feel Necessity Sense has a rarity to it, which makes it unique.

I would choose a Necessity Sense coat, and pair it with a Martine Rose shirt. In terms of color, the brown plaid of the coat complements the gold color of the shirt. For the trousers, I’d pick the pinstripe Grey trouser by Marni, as I have always loved the texture of suit trousers. Lastly, I would add our hand carved necklace to emphasize detail.

  1. Coat – Necessity Sense
  2. Shirt – Martine Rose
  3. Trouser – Marni
  4. Necklace – Necessity Sense