Necessity Sense AW18 “Closed Window” Release Event

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For Necessity Sense’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection, designer Steve Hsieh drew inspiration from his time in the military paying homage to Taiwanese vocalist Tom Chang. Titled “Closed Window”, this season is simultaneously a closed window and a window filled with inspiration and possibilities. The release event revolves around this theme, with three rooms: The Billiard Room, Bathroom and Living Room. Each room symbolizing three different state of minds after leaving the army. These rooms are color coded: Red, Blue, and Orange Moon.

Room 1 is the billiard room, this room encapsulates insecurity and self doubt that results from being unsure of what life holds after the military service. Materialism providing temporary solace from an uncertain future.

Walking into Room 2, we are confronted with a man stripped of his guard. Heartbroken with betrayal. A public phone replacing the shower head representing the only connection he had to the outside world during his time in the military.

The warmer hues in Room 3 reflect the mood of confidence gradually being restored. Finding oneself after having lost all sense of orientation. The future is no longer dreaded, but instead seems filled with possibility.

The Room 1 month teardown and construction process by NE.SENSE installation team.

Photographer: Alien Wang
Film: David Witton-Davies
Editor: Sam Yeh

Necessity Sense AW18 “Closed Window” Lookbook

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