One Year Art Gallery Installation

Recaps of our stores and anniversary events

We welcome people to our One Year Anniversary Art Installation with the line “Home is never about a place, home is about a sense of belonging.” The art installation is based on the concept of home which is inspired by the quote, “No Free Lunch.” Since childhood, we have been instilled with the story of how much hardwork farmers put in from planting to harvesting, in exchange for every crop that goes into their rice of bowl everyday.

“No Free Lunch” is a traditional common adage that is in hope of reminding people that everything is earned and nothing is ever free in life. It is always a product of labor. One of key art pieces named “Gratefulness,” showcased as a colossal frozen ice with wheat in it, is contributed to the local farming industry in Taiwan. This piece exemplifies the impending changes people often face as they grow and become successful.The frozen wheat represents the simple life of a farmer, and as the ice melts into a pot of black ink, the water turning dark and becoming polluted overtime signifies purity being disturbed due to modernisation and the cost of people becoming successful.

Beyond from showcasing art pieces, we have also previewed few looks from their upcoming inaugural collection titled “Point One.” The collection strongly showcased the beauty in clashing concepts of creating a modern look inspired by the grittiness in agricultural society in Taiwan. Stand-out pieces include double sleeve snap coat, double breast snap vest, open raised neck cardigan, and open collar mandarin shirt. Most pieces are made out of premium fabrics from Italy and being made in USA. In addition, the gallery has displayed two custom painted garments and one big painting by our good friend and LA-based artist, Luke Vicious. You can visit his website here. He has brought his own take on the concept by introducing the quote, “In Opposition” into the gallery.

Once again, we really appreciate everyone’s support during the event. The energy that we have curated is extremely memorable. We are really thankful for the great vibes provided from Venus X, Yeti Out, and Sosupsam during the event.

Lastly, we just want to say this wasn’t an event to celebrate success, which in fact, this could have been an event to celebrate the process of failures and imperfections due to our immaturity. We see these failures not as defeats, but beauty of infinity possibility of growth. At the end of the day, we just wanted to gather people to celebrate appreciation. Nothing in life ever comes free and every second we living, there’s someone out there working hard down their throats for the last piece of crops on the farm, so savour everything given to us and make the best out of it. Thank you.

– From Ne.Sense Team

Photographer : Sean Marc Lee