NE.SENSE Members’ Guide To Taipei

For each season, we explore an topic from Taiwan that can be related and incorporated with our current fashion scene. Marrying the local market that we serve with the global arena

From a traditional sauna place to the city’s best chicken wings restaurant, discover Taipei through the eyes of four residents.

Xiang – Fashion PR, NE.SENSE

Pizza Has a Face on Yanping North Road, a pizza specialty store opened in the old city, not only adds a new color to the Dadaocheng Dihua Street business district, which is accelerating transformation, but also completely subverts your pizza impression.

Different from other pizza restaurants, apart from the main pizza flavors, there are three categories: “white face”, “red face”, and “green face”, plus the combination of materials to form a variety of special flavors. From time to time, DJs will be invited to perform live, so that you who come here will feel like an American restaurant and a little closer to a bar.

If Xiang went to Pizza Has A Face, he would dress…

The whole is mainly casual, and through bold details and single product stacking, it brings out an ingenious outfit. For example, taking OUR LEGACY ABOVE SHIRT IVY CLOVER PRINT as the visual focus, paired with NAMACHEKO BARBARA FUR VEST GRAPHITE presents diversification and variability, not only responding to the current climate, but also adding a bit of personal style. In addition to this, Y/PROJECT LAZY TRACK PANT BLACK / WHITE is followed by the unique intentions of the configuration. This set can be said to be quite attentive, paying attention to the details and color configuration.

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A while ago, because of the vaccine shortage in Taiwan, many vaccine leftovers have been uncertain whether they should spend a large sum of money to go abroad for vaccines and then return to be quarantined for 14 days. A large number of people went to the United States, and most of them flew to LA.

Those who go do not forget to show off the American West Coast food such as in and out burgers and American-style fried chicken, which makes people in Taiwan envious.Everywhere Burger Club is enough to make up for the American fast food cravings.

If Ritz went to Everywhere Burger Club, he would dress…

Second Layer with the whole West Coast style instantly seems to come to the West Coast of the United States. Like the Hollywood settings that you will see in the movie, wearing a casual bomber jacket is suitable for autumn with denim pants to bring out the sense of chill.

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Liao San – Installation Artist, NE.SENSE and NAMESAKE

Tianlong Sauna, which opened in 1990, has been operating on Chongqing North Road, Taipei City for nearly 30 years. Because it is located in a busy area and is open 24 hours a day, it is the choice for many alcoholics to sober up after drinking. It also becomes a place for gangsters to negotiate because they need to be naked to enter the sauna and cannot carry weapons.

Liao San is responsible for the execution of installation art in our team. He believes that the atmosphere in Tianlong Sauna can be transformed into his creative nutrient.

Life is a rope that hangs people high, You can barely breathe by supporting your toes. Even with ease, it still faltered. I would rather let life take you to the air than your thoughts trigger a rupture, and you knead yourself into this pool of water. Warm and cold, give up your whole body of delicate and charming.

Although you need to be naked in the Tianlong sauna, I think I will wear those pieces in this long night.

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Aaron – Fashion Marketing, NE.SENSE

Gumgum beer & wings is a chicken wing restaurant located in the Neihu Science Park. The large glass surface lighting, the seats surrounded by fig trees, and the three-story high-rise restaurant are rare sights in Taipei.

I’ve been everywhere in Taipei where I want to go, and I spent a lot of time taking a leisurely stroll in the Neihu to eat, away from the crowded crowds.

The open kitchen and the three-story high-rise space, you can hear the sound of chicken wings being fried at any time. You can also smell the aroma of kiln-baked Pizza, pasta, sweet and sour wine and vinegar. It’s really great ! The semi-outdoor bar space on the top floor is perfect for a party.

Juicy chicken wings paired with a glass of simple and smooth craft beer into the throat is invigorating!

If Aaron went to Gumgum Beer & Wings, he would dress…

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Editor / Translator – Sam Yeh
Photos Editor – Sam Yeh
Text – Xiang Huang, Ritz Chueh, Liao San, Aaron Chang