NE.SENSE|”BLEU” Exhibition

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“BLEU” encapsulates the limitless freedom of “Klein Blue”, and embodies photographer Julien Boudet’s memories of his upbringing; expressing nostalgic memories through the medium of photography.

Julien Boudet, also known as “Bleu Mode”, grew up in Sète, a small French town on the Mediterranean Sea. It was not until Julien graduated from university and left for New York that he discovered his passion for photography. Subsequently Julien spent the next few years studying photography at Parson’s.

At first, most of his photographs were of architecture and cityscapes, until following suggestions from friends he decided to turn his lens on people. During one New York Fashion week his life and career was changed forever, and he began traveling between New York and Paris photographing fashion week street-style. To date, Julien has worked with Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Moncler, Craig Green, Thom Browne, SSENSE, Adidas, SHISEIDO and published photography collections Dialogue Through Forms and Bleus Visages.

Despite Julien’s extensive commissioned work, this exhibition’s focal point is much more personal; Bleu is a direct reference to his emotional connection to Sète, Julien also offers new perspectives on the three cities that have helped shaped who he is today: Sète, New York and Paris. The collection offers one a chance to glimpse the beautiful blend of architecture, fashion and culture through the lens of Bleu Mode.

NE.SENSE|”BLEU” Exhibition 
Time: 15th December
Location: NE.SENSE | No.52, Section 2, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei
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