Namacheko FW20 Event

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Namacheko, the Belgium based fashion brand known in the industry for its avant-garde portray of minimalistic silhouette and futurist colors, has arrived exclusively at NE.SENSE. For the 2020 Autumn Winter collection, Namacheko collaborates with renowned photographer Gregory Crewdson who belongs to Gagosian, one of the top international galleries in the world.

The collaborative collection between Namacheko and Gregory Crewdson will be showcased on the day of the press event. Through the artistic atmosphere created by live violin performance by Kevin Liao and special interior, we pull you into the unusual cinematic universe of Somnambulism – the primary theme of Namacheko AW20 collection.

Renowned Photographer Gregory Crewdson was born and raised in Brooklyn New York in 1962. He graduated from Yale University with a master degree in art. Currently he is both a professor at Yale school of art and a photographer signed by the gallery Gagosian. Gregory Crewdson uses imagery to explore the city’s night life. The conflict and turmoil in the small American town is portrayed through dramatic narrative techniques that emphasizes the unusual nature of Crewdson’s image. Crewdson strives for perfection in his art, every detail is planned and executed in a certain manner. Generally, Crewdson’s work invokes a surreal feeling in its viewers. These feelings possibly stems from the depth of ones soul and then spread like vines through the mind leaving an impact on its viewers. 

Untitled, 1998-2002, Digital Chromogenic Print © Gregory Crewdson. Courtesy Gagosian.
Untitled, 1998-2002, Digital Chromogenic Print © Gregory Crewdson. Courtesy Gagosian.

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