Making this combo work – Suits & Shorts

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It is the season of shorts, and you will want to wear them every moment. Shorts suits bring the comfort of Tailoring fabrics. It is still comfortable both in the office and on the street. The combination of suit jacket and shorts is one of the options.

Raf Simons show in 2012 has taken the lead in demonstrating the styling of shorts and suits. Nowadays, this style is very extensive, but the fabrics and proportions are still evolving. A$AP Rocky took the lead in demonstrating Celine suit jacket, CDG Homme Plus check shorts, Trunk on the head, and Goyard handbag.

The combination of suit jacket and shorts is not only the leading trend of A$AP Rocky. In the PRADA show that ended a few days ago, While everyone focused on the fisherman’s hat triangle bag, they once again interpreted the richly layered Shorts Suit.

Art will take us to observe the world in different ways. The Shorts Suit is already a relatively wide range of wear. It is hard to imagine that the wearing of Pharrell shorts and suits at the 2014 Oscars ceremony caused media criticism. However, deviation from traditional values ​​is often questioned, and questioning is also the starting point for change. Only when change has the opportunity to innovate.

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