I Love This Game – The NBA Tunnel

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Today’s NBA brings not only great games to everyone. Players’ style have become a high-profile highlight of the NBA in the past two years. Everyone unabashedly shows their personality in their style.

Today’s player tunnel is undoubtedly the Fashion Runway for the most popular players like Russell Westbrook of the Washington Wizards, Jayson Tatum of Boston Celtics, and PJ Tucker, the sneaker head of the Milwaukee Bucks, and Jordan Clarkson from the Utah Jazz who won the best dressed of the year. They wore boutiques and designer brands such as Thom Browne, Rick Owens, Jacquemus, NAMESAKE, CASABLANCA, Raf Simons, Gucci, Goyard, LANVIN,… and many more.

The player tunnel has always been an extension of modern NBA fashion. 2020 has witnessed the unity and transformation of NBA players. Last summer due to the pandemic, NBA games were moved to Orlando Disney Stadium. After George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other people of color were unjustly killed due to police brutality, NBA players unanimously put on Black Lives Matter clothes and played the game. The team knelt on one knee during the national anthem before the game, just like Colin Kaepernick as a protest against police violence and racial discrimination.

NBA players use their influence to speak out for racial issues, attracting the attention of the world, and the players’ fashion influence has become activism.

As the NBA playoffs draw to a close, the championship game officially begins, which means that the season is about to end. Let us review the outfit brought to us by the NBA player tunnel this year.