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If the nature of the 12 constellations determines the temperament, so that it affects everyone’s daily life operations, this is more likely to affect the way different constellations wear in daily life ?

Everyone generally believes that astrology affects how others perceive themselves. If you think that “wearing” also has different styles, and that “constellation” reflects your personality, you are convinced that when choosing clothes, you will prefer to choose clothes that match your own temperament. This time we compiled a list of brands and designers that each constellation should try. NE.SENSE based on the unique energy of each constellation, so that everyone may refer to the brand that each constellation suits them.


Aries is definitely an energetic sign and a good leader. Just like the Nordic designer brand Our Legacy, leading the street culture in the 80s, using high-quality fabrics, fine workmanship, tearing up and dismantling the customized styles found in the vintage store, and recreating the single products with sensibility. With a little relaxed but without losing luxury, it has turned into a new wave in many brands.


Taurus can be said to be the most down to earth representative of the earth element. Their energy comes from the downward earth energy. Therefore, basically Taurus are relatively low-key, simple and unique brands that are most suitable for them, low-key, mysterious and rich in unique taste. Lemaire and Taurus are a perfect match.


Gemini has considerable spirituality, and has always been a duality of one body and two sides, both dynamic and static, coexisting with each other. Following the launch of Lanvin’s menswear collection at Paris Fashion Week, after the 31-year-old young brand director Bruno Sialelli took over, this unusual combination actually fits well with Gemini’s bipolar and difficult to infer personality.


Cancer loves to pop out of the crowd in a light way, so Jacquemus’ pink design with modern details of clothing is the most stable and mature Cancer brand with a child-like innocence.


Leo looks childish on the outside, but he is domineering on the inside. The new British fashion brand STEFAN COOKE also has the same tone, with a distinctive and strong personality. The unique aesthetics developed by STEFAN COOKE – diamond patterns, rhombus knits, bright colors, and eye-catching details, insisting on one’s own point of view, just like the character of Leo “bossy president”.


Like other earth elements, Virgo, who is sensible and low-key, secretly hopes to be seen. The design of ERNEST W. BAKER is retro but young and modern, and has some unique charm. It coincides with the Virgo! It is also in line with the pursuit of details and a perfect image.


How can you dress yourself up as an elegant and calm appearance in the social world? CDG HOMME PLUS not only perfectly satisfies the desire of Libras to dress up elegantly, but its simplicity and elegance make it perfect for Libras to wear. In the era of increasing gender confusion, clothing is no longer an absolute distinction between men and women. CDG HOMME PLUS is one of the designers who breaks the line between masculinity and femininity and leads menswear towards a neutral style.


The mystery and temperament of Scorpio, in the designer RICK OWENS, it seems that only a self-demanding self-transcendence can be seen. With a consistent minimalist style and a bit of avant-garde design, it pays more attention to craftsmanship and exquisite texture, and highlights Gothic clothing.


This is an exciting brand, and no one can give a reason not to love it. The fashion brand NAMESAKE, created by the designer’s brother and father across generations, looks back on the designer’s growth experience and bravely pursues the dream and unrestrained, like Sagittarius’s most challenging and open-minded character, it makes the brand ever-changing but classic.


Appearance of cold hearts is fiery, and the fanatical Capricorn represents MARNI. MARNI is typically elegant and romantic, occasionally noble, gorgeous but never tacky. Sometimes simple and sometimes casual, the brand’s control of details also deeply reflects Capricorn’s characteristics of thinking too much.


Aquarius is very individual and unique, so they will tend to a little non-mainstream and simple design, because they do not need dazzling clothing to be able to stand out. NAMACHEKO is very suitable for the characteristics of the Aquarius. Elegant and meticulous with the characteristics of never playing by the rules.


Pisces are introverted, but their fantasy-loving characteristics make them artistic. CMMN SWDN, which likes to use contrasting colors and splicing, has a simple and casual design, and it is most suitable for the Pisces to bring gorgeous and comfortable coexistence.

The above are just our personal opinions. The twelve selected brands of NE.SENSE are listed in the twelve different constellations. Let you wear it in life, and devote yourself to a busy life with good inspiration and enthusiasm. Finally, I hope you all find your own comfortable outfit.

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