Christmas Power Couples

In December, the atmosphere of romantic love is in the air, whether it’s having a Christmas dinner with your spouse, or a group of friends going to a gift exchange party. Single you choose to let him/her know, or even the lonely and addicted you looking forward to being cherished and embraced. The NE.SENSE team used "Christmas Power Couples" as the theme to find real couples in life, and divided them into three groups to shoot a series of straightforward erotic interactions between couples.

Incorporating the NE.SENSE style with three different couples and scenes, it outlines the powerful influence of "Christmas Power Couples" and gives the three groups of couples real interactions, which will be a symbol and meaning of love and sexual desire. The undefended bodies began to approach each other, showing the shape of this project.

Featuring GmbH, ERL, ALL BLUES, OUR LEGACY, RICK OWENS and many other new autumn and winter 21 products. Finally, on the occasion of Christmas, NE.SENSE will also have a up to 50% discount on December 24 (Fri).