AW18 Closed Window Lookbook

Necessity Sense sixth collection Closed Window was inspired by the military experience of necessity sense’s youngest brother and designer. The time he spent at the Taiwanese military was a self reflective period in closed quarters yet a window to enlightenment.

One of the major influences for 1980s taiwanese youth in military camps was the music of Chinese vocalist tom Chang, who devoted his life to his passion while never letting the capitalist music industry undermine him. Although surrounded by the closed masculine society of military camp, his music reflected an open minded spirit, which was also notable in his style that didn’t follow conventional ideals of manliness. Unfortunately, Chang died at a young age in his career but he as an inspiration till today. In Chang’s admiration, necessity sense is honouring his iconic retro style whilst placing it in todays modern and technologically influenced world.

The collection focuses on high contrast, especially with silver highlights on retro patterns. Throughout the collection, new hardware inspired by a fusion of military and music; details are embedded against modern cut and sew trimmings with hints of french leather. With this collection, necessity sense has started a new sector called “necessaries”, which introduces new developed accessories to mirror the musical influences of tom Chang.

Photographer: Fabien Montique Styling : Michael F. Hsieh & Eugene Tong Production : Richard F. Hsieh Direction : Steve F. Hsieh