Necessity Sense “Point One” Lookbook

We have recently unveils our inaugural collection “Point One” with a brand new lookbook. The aesthetics we are representing is a fushion of the cultures from the places we have lived before. It is a mix of asian tailoring with relaxed western twist. With every collection, we are trying to raise awareness towards a sociological issue that we see in our society.

With this one, we’ve dug deep into exploring what it means to start from the beginning. What stood out to us is the idea of home. For us, “No Free Lunch” was the drive and a motto that represented what to live by. Using this chance, we want to pay tribute to the Taiwanese agriculture by infusing and elevating the traditional farmers/workers uniform. The results are key garments like the open collar mandarin shirts, open cardigans, and raw split bball long shorts.

In order to complete the story, everything within the lookbook set represented something relating to “No Free Lunch.” The ideology is not purely about having hardwork getting paid off, since we all know that our corrupted society doesn’t work that way. Purity was stuck in the past and we live in a dark melting pot now. The ideology is about being in opposition of all these corruptions, not through violences, but through silence battles everyday to be the best version of yourself. All these ideas are represented by objects within the set. These include the splashed gradient paint wall, the spray-painted transparent glass, the concrete creased stand, the relating-news patched fabric, and the 1950’s Taiwanese army chair. All these items meant something for us. They weren’t there just for the aesthetics. All these items are there to subtly remind ourselves about the issue.

Beyond the story, the garments are made with the focus on elevating subtle changes on classic silhouettes that we think will make a big difference for everyday purposes. All garments are made with premium fabrics from Italy, America, or Japan. View the full lookbook here. Drop 1 is exclusively available now here.

Photography : Hank Wang / Styling & Direction : Steve F. Hsieh & Michael F. Hsieh / Hair : Adam Zheng / Set : Ne.Sense Team