SS16 Styling Series 1 – Chaos

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With SS16, we focused even more on creating a harmonious chaos in our brands and selections. Even though it sounds completely contradicting, harmonious chaos is actually the only path to create new sparks and interesting compositions. With this styling series titled “Chaos,” we highlighted the delusional graphic pieces from Komakino, while pairing them with other garments that aren’t normally associated together to diversify how graphics are usually used.

First look is a casual-tailored way to showcase graphics while pairing with an eye-catching oversized gradient coat and cropped baggy pinstripe trouser. This will normally be the look preferred by street-snappers and the more courageous crowd. Second look is a subtle casual manner of incorporating graphics. Pairing graphics under an oversized bomber to slightly hide the graphic. It allows the graphic to become a special detail to be shown through movements. Third look is a fashion forward take on graphics because it relies heavily on interesting layers and proportions to keep it interesting. Last look is the working-class take on graphics, styling it with a washed worker jacket and a monochromatic trouser. All these different styles prove that it is not difficult to find harmony in things which you might thought be chaotic paired together.

The garments used here are Komakino Oversized Jersey Tee (Black and Cream), Komakino Patched Oversized Jersey Tee (Black), Komakino Heavy Jersey Sweater (Cream), Komakino Heavy Jersey Cut Hoodie (Black and Cream), Komakino Oversized MA-1 Wool Jacket (Black), Komakino Oversized Gradient Long Coat (Black – Cream).

In pairing of these, we have used pieces like Song For The Mute Bucket Pant (Navy Pinstripe), Our Legacy Lab Blazer (Olivine), CMMN SWDN Ronan Bomber Jacket.

All these items here are available at HERE .