GmbH FW19 “Rare Earth”

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GmbH’s new Autumn Winter 2019 campaign reimagines GmbH as a corporation in the near future exploring space for future human settlements, if our current ecological crisis is not properly dealt with. The images hints on NASA portraits of astronauts as well as science and political conferences.

GmbH has explored issues around their own families’ experiences of migration. Leaving the Planet would be the final migration, but also used as an image to highlight the current displacement of millions of people across the world by war, famine and natural disasters caused by human exploitation of the planet.

Terrestrial Planets that can truly support life are currently nowhere near; our home, that we have nearly destroyed and depleted for its natural re- sources, is truly a Rare Earth.

GmbH, the name being simply the German legal term of a limi- ted company similar to Inc. or Ltd was founded in Berlin and is a brand that works with high ethnical and environmental standards.

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