Ernest W. Baker AW19

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Detroit 1970-1980, a decade in which the city was seen both at its best and worst, yet continued to endure. These ten years in Detroit and the lives that passed through the city were an inspiration for the label’s Autumn Winter 2019 collection of Ernest W. Baker.

Researching Detroit from the 70s and the authentic spirit of the city brought the designers to the prolific work of Dave Jordano. A Detroit native photographer, who work documented the ins and outs of the city’s life throughout the 70’s. A glimpse into the various subcultures of Detroit brings inspiration for the season’s looks, providing a rich cast of characters representative of the eccentric Detroit locals.

Featured In This Image: Ernest W. Baker Turtle Neck
Features In This Image: Jacquard Track Jacket
Featured In This Image: Ernest W. Baker Turtle Neck

Blending classics with a post-industrial feeling, the collection is defined on these two contradictory elements. Contrasting blue collar details with a soft edge, or vice versa, seen in garments such as silk carpenter trousers, denim blazers, and virgin wool trucker jackets.

Featured In This Image: E.O.T.M Shirt
Featured In This Image: Jacquard Dickie
Featured In This Image: Double Breasted Blazer

Photographed by Vladimir Kaminetsky and Styled by Mauricio Nardi.

The collection once again makes reference to the co-designers grandfather and 92-year-old muse, Ernest W. Baker. A company brochure was an inspiration for the seasons print, as 12 portraits are listed under the headline “1973 E.W. Baker Advertising, Employee’s of the Month.” Both playing off a kitsch American tradition and paying homage to the real people and workers of Detroit brings the collection full circle.

Featured In This Image: E.O.T.M Shirt

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