Seven Seconds of Memory

"SEVEN SECONDS OF MEMORY" is inspired by two irrelevant stories that organically come into one mean. First is designer's family business in the fishing industry and second is a true story of a man named Clive Wearing. Fish only has the capacity for 7 seconds of memory. Similarly, Clive Wearing suffers from retrograde amnesia, which rejects the forming of any new memories or the ability to recall past experiences. In other words, he has no judgement nor predetermined impression on others. Every time he sees his wife or best friends - he thinks its the first time he sees them in years. Purely thrilled and pleased.

This unrelated association of two stories leads us to realize that every culture or race has a stereotype towards others, especially to societies that are most scrutinized in media. The collection attempts to advocate the idea of striving to discover the Clive's in ourselves; to maintain an unbiased mind towards race, culture, and identity that are different from our own. Prevailed by the traditional fashion in scrutinized subcultural societies, “SSOM” forecasts a trend in darker color palettes and striped patterns. A combination of oversized interior presenting the free-minded wearer and the cropped exterior silhouette presenting the societal restrictions.