AW17 Banks Drain Us Lookbook

Necessity Sense fourth collection “BANKS DRAIN US” focuses on the concept of money and its powers. Some says that our lives are defined by the sum of our choices. “BANKS DRAIN US” unveils a story on the boundless inspiration of hope that coexists with money, in contrast with the toxicity of power. This collection is based on a true story.

Money can entice all kinds of sins. It’s a golden ticket to a world beyond imagination. It can dissipates a relationship as thick as blood. It is both a blessing and a curse. Money is something we own, but also something that ultimately controls us. This collection is arranged in three stages, broken down by color groupings.

Stage 1: Selling Dreams. Stage 2: The Only Common Ground. Stage 3: Created a Devil Instead of a Dream.

Within each stage, we pull inspiration from people chasing dreams, wealthy bankers suffering from the financial crisis, and authors from the Beat generation. These narratives seem unrelated, but in reality, are strongly connected by the value of money and dreams, and the life choices they make based on these values.

Photographer: Fabien Montique Designer: Steve F. Hsieh & James Zhan Art Direction: Richard F. Hsieh Editing: Misa Chang Styling: Michael F. Hsieh