ATLiens by India Rose

Disclosed - After following India Rose's work for a while, our team has been amazed by her special eyes toward fashion direction and styling. For this season, we have finally teamed up with her to give her full control on her perspective and interpretation on NE.SENSE's garments, including pieces from our in-line Necessity Sense. A little preview of what's coming in SS17 is featured as well. The editorial titled as ATLiens, is named after Outkast's album ATLiens, which is a portmanteau of their hometown Atlanta and 'aliens'. Representing the idea of feeling isolated from society, Kathia and Dennis are exploring the extraterrestrial landscape. The editorial was shot fully on film cameras and the additional effects are not special effects, those are natural exposures of sun and lights through sun.

Art Direction & Styling : India Rose Photography : Alex Demora Modeled : Dennis Okwera and Kathia Mailys Location : Disclosed